Baliton is a Subterra Bakugan Trap that belongs to Mira Clay.


A large, powerful monster that walks on all fours. Baliton has a protective shell on his back with large spikes protruding from it, along with a large spike on top of his head. Baliton has a long tail with sharp nails on the end.

Battle StyleEdit

Baliton is a slow-moving on the field, preferring to crush a foe with his massive weight. He can swing his long tail like a baseball bat to strike opponents.

Where You've Seen HimEdit

Baliton is Mira's Trap Bakugan. She used Baliton to strengthen her attack agains Altair when Lync first battled with the mechanical bakugan.

What You Should KnowEdit

Baliton can merge with Wilda in battle.

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