BK Traps Dynamo

Dynamo is a created technology / Mechanical Bakugan Trap created by Professor Clay.


Dynamo looks like a giant robot insect, with six metal legs and a long neck. Retractable spikes can shoot out of the sides of it's head.

Battle StyleEdit

Dynamo can combine with Brontes to create Dynamo Brontes, a lowering robot that's lough to take down.

Where you Seen ItEdit

When Marucho was lost in the desert, he was found by Vexos brawler Volt. The teo engaged in a heated battle: Volt's Brontes and Dynamo versus Marucho's Elfin and the Bakugan Trap Tripod Epsilon. In the end, Dynamo helped Volt take down Marucho and his Bakugan.

What You Should KnowEdit

Dynamo is a Bakugan Trap, another mechanical Bakugan created by Professor Clay.


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