Prince hydron
Prince Hydron is a Subterra Brawler, he's Prince cause by his father, King Zenoheld is King, His Guardian Bakugan is Subterra Dryoid.


The leader of the Vestals is a spoiled brat who is used to getting his way. When he dosen't get what he wants, he gets angry.

What Prince Hydron wants most of all is to complete his collection of Bakugan. He captured: Skyress, Tigrerra, Gorem, Preyas, and Hydraniod. Only oneis missing: Dan's Dragonoid, Drago.

Prince Hydron keeps the captured Bakugan petrifies, like Bronze statues, so he can view them for his amusement. He's crule and selfish, and he'll do anything to get what he wants-but mostly, he uses the Vexos to do his dirty work for him.


  • Subterra Dryoid (Guardian Bakugan) (Destroyed in episode 52)
  • Darkus Alpha Hydranoid (as a statue) (Back with Alice)
  • Haos Blade Tigrerra (as a statue) (Back with Runo)
  • Aquos Preyas (as a statue) (Back in New Vestroia)
  • Subterra Hammer Gorem (as a statue) (Back with Julie)
  • Ventus Storm Skyress (as a statue) (Stayed in New Vestroia)


  • He is caused Prince by his father being King, King Zenoheld
  • He uses an Mechanical Bakugan, Subterra Dryoid