Ingram is a New Vestoria Bakugan and is a 2nd partner with Shun Kazami.


A cross between an angel and a bird of prey.

Battle StyleEdit

Ingram can drive from the sky like an Eagle to attack it's opponents on the field.

Where You've Seen ItEdit

When Shun found himself suddenly transported to New Vestroia, Cosmic Ingram was one of the first Bakugan he met. Ingram became his main Bakugan, battling with Shun the way his former Bakugan, Skyress, used to.

What You Should KnowEdit

Bakugan Trap Hylash can merge with Ingram.


  • Ingram is a bird like bakugan.
  • Ingram can merge with it's Bakugan Trap Hylash

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