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Keith Clay
Spectra (Keith Clay) truly form

Keith Clay is a brother of Mira Clay his father is Prefessor Clay. His truly identity appearence is Spectra Phantom he never liked being in his Human form sometimes, he seems to like his Masked form better.

Before becoming Spectra, Keith was very attached to both his father and Mira. He even spent time training her to use Bakugan. He even felt a strong connection to his sister when he became the antagonist. He was finally able to see the error of his ways, abandoning the name Spectra and reverting to the way he used to treat Mira. While he was not trusted after his redemption at first, Keith soon became a brother-like figure to his old rival Dan Kuso. He retained his alter-ego's craftiness, using it on several occasions to aid the Brawlers.

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2011-11-15 2041

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